12 Ways To Reinvent Yourself For The New Year

This year is almost coming to an end, you can’t afford to enter the new year the same person with the same mindset, this is because change is the law of life, if you don’t change you won’t grow and if you are not growing you are dying without knowing, here are simple strategies to initiate change in your life for the new year.

1. Decide to change: Transformation is a result of choice, so take some time to change certain things in your life whether it’s in your finances, relationships, health etc. No one will change your life but you.

2. Reshape your thinking first: No permanent change happens unless first it takes place in your mind.  We change our thinking by getting new information in our minds. If you desire change next year begin learning in the area you want to change between now and January. Get new books, audio programs, attend seminars, watch programs in your area of interest.

3. Get some new friends: No one makes it without people who believe in him or her, if you keep hanging around people who know nothing but complaining and gossiping your life will be the same next year as it is this year.

4. Write new and giant goals: The only way you can interrupt the flow of current events in your life and take charge of your destiny is when you deliberately set new goals. The best time to set goals for next year is this year. Without goals life will happen to you, with goals you will make life happen.

5. Define your beneficiaries well: Ask yourself who you should amaze this coming year, is it your boss? Children? Spouse? Parents? Etc.  Deciding who to please is a motivating factor, everyone of us has customers, precisely define them and get to work to amaze them.

6. Believe in your ability to do it: Goals without faith end up as wishes, believe in your ideas, follow them through, act on them and know that those ideas are unique and a pathway to your destiny.

7. Shift your work ethic: The top 1% in every field work like no one else, they work extra hard, if you keep doing what you have been doing the past ten years you will keep getting what you have been getting the past ten years. Goals will not achieve themselves in your life, you must work extra hard to achieve them, work when everyone else is partying, you will soon live like royalty.

8. Get rid of junk: Look around you, there is a lot of junk you don’t need, old clothes, equipment etc, that is capital for that business you have been dreaming about, sell that stuff and invest your money for that new business idea.

9. Break the routine: If every year Christmas for you means consumption, change the game this year, begin thinking of what people need the most during the festive season and sell it to them, become richer and better.

10. Spend some time alone: Give your brain an agenda, tell your mind “How can we make $1000,000 in 2018” and be still, listen to your mind, after 15 minutes or more you will receive that breakthrough business idea.

11. Buy a breakthrough book: This is a new and blank book where you will record new ideas, strategies and action plans for the new year.

12. Take action: Action is divine, don’t wait for a perfect plan, just run with your reinvention ideas, God will direct your paths.

This is your season, this is your moment, your destiny is here, go grab it.
God bless.

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Article credit: John Banda

John Banda is a motivational speaker.

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