14 Quotes from Mulenga Kapwepwe

Mulenga Kapwepwe is an author and a creative in the Zambian art and culture who has written plays, started an orchestra, built libraries, written educational materials, short and stories, apart  that she has also produced videos, television and radio programmes. We have put together some quotes from her to lift, teach and inspire you.
1. “Everything that happens to you is a resource, use it”
2. “Losing your way is another way of finding it”
3. ” You are only as powerful as the knowledge you possess”
4. “To lose your way, is one way of finding it”
5. “Don’t abandon your ideas. You can scale them down. You can reshape them. You can do whatever it is, but keep at it”
6. “If I plant a mango tree, I might not be around to eat the fruit. But I still plant it for future generations. That’s how I see my
7. “If you do good to hundred people and none of them acknowledged it. No part of it is lost”
8. “Everything that you are and have, are the resources for you to use, whether negative or positive”
9. “Allow yourself to be mentored by everyone that you meet; and mentor others as you go along”
10. “Open yourself up, lessons will come to you from the people you least expect”
11. “Procrastination dug a well and the days begun to fall into it”
12. “Keep learning, and ducking and diving until you get what you want. That’s been my lesson. Success is wonderful, but so is failure.”
13. “If you’re going to be in the public eye, be prepared to be attacked. Do not let it stop you.”
14. “If you think but do not act. You are wasting your life away every day”

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