The motivation to succeed comes from the burning desire to achieve a purpose. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.
Finally the long awaited single is out, “REASON” which features Chilu and Jay 10 and has been produced by Big Bizzy. While most female rappers draw their inspiration from other international singers, our own upcoming Zambian artist Tabo Masinda popularly known as Massy has dropped another single after a year of silence in the music industry.

Massy explains that some of her reasons why she went mute after she did projects like “Tears behind the wall” which featured S-Jeezy and “Collaborate” which featured Daxon, both singles, was her little angel who is now the main reason behind this song.
Here is what she had to say, “My daughter is the reason for a number of great things and changes I had to make, the reason for my happiness even though I do feel weighed down sometimes. She is the reason I feel stronger than before and yes the reason behind this song.”

Massy has now been signed under “Starlight Music” which is a K-Amy division.
Massy is known to deliver her music with substance and concept, above that she is one of the most hard working persons who has proved to most ladies that having a child is not a downfall of your life but it’s actually a starting step to success, for children are a blessing from God.

By: Tembo Josephine

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