4 Ways to Enhance Creativity

Capturing New ideas are fleeting like rabbits streaking through your consciousness. If you don’t grab them quickly, they’re usually gone for ever. Exploring their creative side I have learnt ways to heed and preserve their new ideas. They have ”capturing”, skills.
We all have incredible perceptual experiences in the moments before we fall fully asleep. Artist carry sketch pads. Inventor and writers carry note pads.

Here’s one simple exercise i’ve developed to persuade people of their creative potential. I call it ”capturing a daydream”. Close your eyes, let your mind wander freely for a few minutes. Relax and just let your thoughts go without deliberately guilding them. Did you leave the room? Leave the earth?

Challenging. One way to accelerate the flow of new ideas is to put yourself in difficult situations where you’re likely to fail. Surprisingly, failure can be a wellspring of creativity if properly managed. Many ideas compete vigorously, greatly enhancing the creative process.

Broadening. The more knowledge you have and more diverse that knowledge is, the greater your potential for creative output.

Surrounding. Finally, you can enhance your creativity by surrounding yourself with diverse stimuli and, even more important, by changing those stimuli regularly. How you interact with others is also a form of creative ”surrounding”.

Article by: Mukelabai Mate

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