7 Secrets To Career Excellence

1. Associate with the top 10% of people in your field and in your organization, they will show you how they got to the top.
2. Avoid joining the “vulture” club: These are negative minded people who are ever complaining against their bosses and champions in the industry.
3. Embrace responsibility: Take 100% ownership of your job and key result area, realize only you will do what you have been hired to do,if you don’t failure will be associated with you.
4. Don’t waste time: The moment you get to your office, begin working, in fact be the first person to arrive and the last to leave, discuss football issues after office hours. You will get more done and your superiors will respect you and trust you.
5. Improve yourself: You see in life and in your job, you can only give what you have, if you have less competence you will produce less quality results. To rise up in your career read deeply and attend trainings. Don’t just seek for allowances and teas when attending workshops, glean all the necessary information.
6. Develop strategic relationships: The last thing you want is for your boss not to trust you, so make your boss secure and proud to have you around, attribute great ideas to him, be humble towards him, be loyal always, funny thing is,your boss might seem dumb and as if he/she doesn’t see through your pride and disloyalty but your boss has a sixth sense and can see through you.
7. Be kind to all:Treat everyone with respect and kindness, including the janitor ,the guard and the tea lady, everyone and anyone can help you succeed in your career.
I wish you abundant success and speedy acceleration in your career.
God bless you.

Article credit: John Banda

John Banda is a motivational speaker.


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