9 Books By Zambians That Will Help You In Your Life, Business And Career!

Its said countless times that you can learn and better your life by reading books and also that successful people in life are always learning. Make reading a habit and see how your life changes for the better.

Here are 9 books written by Zambians recommended for you that you need to read that will influence your way of thinking, make you succeed and make you a better person and give you the drive, direction and help you in your personal, career or business life.

1. Converting Ideas Into Reality by Choolwe Mudenda Choolwe.

Converting Ideas into Reality done by Pastor Choolwe is a must have book for everyone, It is relevant to anyone. It talks about ideas being the capital for success, If you do not have other resources you have ideas, don’t throw them away because Ideas are your strategic capital for success. Don’t underrate your ideas, they have potential to change the landscape of human life in ways untold. If you have an idea you have the strategic point to start from.

2. Rising from the ashes By Miyanda Katiwa.

Rising from the ashes is written by Miyanda Katiwa a human Resource Expert and founder of Prosoft Human Resources. This book walks you through her tough times and displays how a determined person can go to fulfill their dream no matter their situation in life. Rising from the ashes will show you how she conquered being broke in her own life and will show you how you too can Rise from the Ashes in your life.

3. Final Attempt by Freeman Mwenge

Freeman is a writer, teacher, public relations practitioner, fundraiser. Final Attempt is mystery fiction novel and was written when the author was actually in a strange state of inspiration. Its a must read.

4. Making the cut by Kasonde Bowa.

Professor Bowa is a Zambian professor of Urology, Making the cut is a biography of his life who achieves extraordinary things. In this book he recounts his life in a compelling humorous and interesting way. This is a motivational book for young people everywhere.

5. Your Power to Change: The Attitude that Liberates Within by Maurice Makalu

The Power To Change is an award winning book done by Maurice Makalu a motivational speaker and life coach. The Power to Change is about how you can take control of the process of your own thinking to achieve the change you desire in life. Overcoming your past, rising above negativity and challenges.

6. Hired by Peter Nawa

Hired written by Peter Nawa who is a qualified accountant, blogger, entrepreneur and author Hired explores strategies that show you how to make the most of your academic qualification as well as use your potential and skills to gain a step ahead in the job hunt race. Employers look for individuals who bring more to the table.

7. Managing Success by Gilbert Banda

Gilbert Banda is a lead consultant for Motivational Centre for Africa’s Transformation. Managing success not only shows you how to pursue and accomplish your goals but also teaches you how to manage it, no matter the level of success you have attained in your life. He makes it very clear that our success is our responsibility.

8. Why Not? Defy the Odds by Mubita C Nawa

Written by a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. This book by Mubita Nawa gets personal with you and asks you several questions, Why be second best when you can be the best? Why not defy the odds.

9. Tune into Happiness by Violet Miyanda Munsaka

A super amazing book written by a writer and journalist Violet. This book talks about happiness and how you get happy in life. You do not need to depend on others for your happiness. Read this book and find out how you can get happy at all times in your life.

Did we miss any of your favorite books? If you have a favorite book that inspires your personal, business or career life let us know and give us your recommendations.

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