An Interview With Swish

Swish is a  Zambian rapper and song writer who has done tracks such as FaRaIDAY, My Department, Do Great, Reflection and  You Decide and his latest tract Shasha. We Had a chance to have an interview with him .

  1. Who is Swish as a brand and as a person?

Swish (born: Farai Muzungaile) is a recording artist from Avondale, Lusaka, Zambia that fell in love with music at the age of 9 years old. He is a down to earth guy that likes to watch soccer, movies and series and hang out with friends.

  1. What have you learnt in the music industry for the past five years?

I have only been active in the music industry since 2014, but it has taught me as an artist to work harder in my craft and also that consistency is the key factor to stay relevant on the major platforms currently available such as the newspapers, TVs, radio stations and magazines.

  1. Who is your biggest inspiration outside the music industry and why and how do the inspire you?

My cousin Sulekile has been my biggest inspiration. Best believe when I felt like giving up music in 2016, she encouraged me in so many motivation talks to continue pushing. She is into fashion and just watching her make outfits to keep her clients happy and beautiful; inspires me to keep my fans happy with my music.

  1. What inspires your lyrics and music videos?

I draw my inspiration from the challenges that I have faced as well as the situations that people go through in their everyday lives. Recently, I shot a music video called “Shasha” (translated from Shona to English) means “Champions”; which talks about encouraging young women to follow their dreams because we live in a society where women are mostly neglected to pursue career choices such as modeling, etc

  1. What is the importance of an entertainer being exclusive in terms of releasing music and educated in the music industry?

An entertainer should release music that a particular age group can relate to, listen to and enjoy. The type of songs created can be used to educate the public on awareness of certain topics such as life hardships, relationships, social activities, etc

  1. How do you incorporate your educational and business background in one?

I pursued a BSc Hons Computing Degree at the University of Greenwich, England. Subjects such as “Web Engineering” gave me an insight on how to use websites for advertising business ventures.

  1. How does your personal life impact your musical career?

Where family matters are concerned, I have to make sacrifices to attend to the needs of the family first which at times tends to slow down the progress with the music.

  1. How do you as an established musician intend to help aspiring and upcoming musicians?

By being a Mentor in any way that I can such as grooming them on the right channels to use when marketing and distributing their music. Secondly, by holding music meetings to educate the masses of upcoming artists that want to become independent in managing their music affairs.

  1. What can we expect from Swish as a brand in the next five years?

Well certainly not retirement, hahaha. I see myself being on a more established and international level as an artist. Furthermore, I will have my own record label (no name yet for the label).

  1. Any future goals in the entertainment industry apart from doing music?

Is that a trick question, lol. Well, I would like to be a ‘comedy TV host’, like Jimmy Fallon because of my sarcastic sense of humor.

  1. Any plans of giving back to the community?

I have a vision of starting my own Charity Foundation called “Believe In Your Dreams” which will help the less fortunate cope with their way in society.

  1. Is there any lucky woman we should know about?

Unfortunately, am not dating any girl at the moment. There is no ‘Miss Swish’ so that makes me 100% single.

  1. What is your advice to upcoming young Artists?

They should continue to follow their dreams, have their own unique sound and stay focused regardless of what people will say because they are the next big thing in the Zambian music industry.


Interview By: Hope Musonda.


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