Be Unafraid

Have you ever wanted to achieve something so bad it kept you up at night? Society has a way of defining who we are and what we should become according to our gender or academic qualifications so as to fit the majority. Most of the time we end up acting as we are told just to feel accepted. I say screw that! Two years ago I won my first writing competition and it was an enormous achievement for me, and a certain man came up to me and said “it’s not as if it’s a mathematics or science competition, anyone can do what you did.” I did not let that get me down, because people have a way of bringing you down and preying on your confidence, but your resilience and ambition have to be stronger than their criticism.

Most people have the desire to do great things but are too afraid to take risks or are too scared of been laughed at by others. Do not be afraid to get up and try, it’s not a guarantee that you will make it the first time or the second time or even the third! But your effort shows you are already on your way. Hope the following advice will help you on your way to greatness.

Do Your Research

Yes, research is important in achieving a dream, have you ever felt you want to do something but you don’t know where to start from or the right people to talk to? You have to know who else has done what you want to do or something similar and how they managed to do it. By watching other people’s success it encourages one to work on their own. Be open minded, listen to other people’s opinions, read books and watch a lot of TV. Education is not just books and tests.

What Is Your Goal

What exactly do you want to achieve, what kind of change do you want to make and how do you want it to affect others. Goal setting is the process of deciding what you want to achieve and accomplish by devising a plan to achieve the result you desire. Deciding what you want is one thing, working on accomplishing that goal is another. Most people get as far as creating a plan but as soon as the plan seems to take a hit and results don’t seem to show they give up. Achieving something takes a lot of patience, you have to be willing to fall at least a thousand times before you finally get to the top.

Be Confident

It is important for you to have confidence in everything you do in life. Even though you have ambition or passion, feeling inferior, unworthy or just not good enough can affect your road to success, because how you feel about your self reflects on your actions. “Self-confidence is the hinge on which the gate of individual achievement turns. When your self-confidence becomes unlimited, you are finally able to realize more of your potential than you could have otherwise. You will then dream bigger dreams, create bigger goals and move towards them with a purpose and personal power previously unknown to you. The best part: it feels great!” Says Brian Tracy, world renowned success expert in his book The Power of Self-confidence.

Rid Yourself of Negativity

While the rest are sitting on their sofas watching other people change the world, you can get up and let the world watch you make a difference. You have to break all the mental barriers others have set for you and go after what you want. Don’t ever let negative thinking limit your capacity, don’t let your background, education or financial status define your capabilities, get up and work hard. Picture your success before you get it, imagine yourself on that stage, and picture yourself in that corner office. Train your mind to carry out those visions. Negative energy can make you feel small and inadequate and can make you lose confidence in your own dreams. Don’t let negativity crowd your mind and surround yourself with people who are supportive and positive.

There is nothing in this world that is more exciting than having a dream, not only can it build you up but it can build others as well. Do not be afraid to chase your dream, yes it comes with a lot of work and sweat but it’s work and sweat but it’s worth the journey, now go out there and start living your dream and don’t let anyone stop you.

Article by: Rose Munkondya

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