Editors Picks: 4 Books We think You Should Read

These books can help you find happiness, help you in your career and business as well as in your overall personal life.

  1. Tune Into Happiness by Violet Munsaka

Tune into Happiness written by author and journalist Violet Munsaka, the book talks about happiness and how you can find happiness in your life, you do not need to depend on others for your happiness and it’s not wealth that will make you happy.

2. Rising From The Ashes by Miyanda Katiwa

Rising From The Ashes is a book written by Miyanda Katiwa a human Resource Expert and founder of Prosoft Human Resources and farmer. Rising from the ashes walks you through her tough times and displays how a determined person can go to fulfill their dream no matter their situation in life. Rising from the ashes will show you how she conquered being broke in her own life and will show you how you too can rise from the Ashes in your life.

Have you ever found yourself  or do you know any who is facing bad situations whether it be a divorce, loss of a job, being so broke you can’t even pay rent, homeless, poverty, being raised by a single parent or being an orphan, want to give up on life and your dreams? Read this book and recommend those people to read it too. This book will give you an understanding on how you can get up, dust yourself, pick yourself up and rise from those ashes because those ashes are not permanent. This book will show you how you can use those stumbling blocks as stepping stones to get you to the top.

3. Hired by Peter Nawa

Hired  ‎is written by Peter Nawa Author and Co-founder at Butali House, this book explores strategies that show you how to make the most of your academic qualification as well as use your potential and skills to gain a step ahead in the job hunt race. Employers look for individuals who bring more to the table.

This book challenges you to question conventional wisdom and reach out for your dreams. It shows you how to sharpen your skills and focus your energy in bring results, put yourself ahead of the competition. The Author Uses his personal experience he explores strategies of making the most of your academic qualification as well as how you can use your potential and skills to gain a step ahead in the job hunt race.

4. Fighting to the Finish By Dario Chongolo

Fighting to the finish is a book written by Dario Chongolo an Author, motivational and inspirational teacher,  in this book you will  discover the principles in the story that reveals the struggles that every dreamer has and you must overcome to bridge that gap between your dreams and your reality. This book gives you an insight on the the things that may cut your dreams and how you can find the strength to endure through such challenges.

By: UzaCoona Magazine


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