Insightful Lessons For Achieving Success In The Fashion And Design Industry

Getting into the fashion industry as a designer can seem very easy when you see the designs been worn or showcased on the runways but behind it all starting and running the business behind it, is a whole different story. But we have gathered some of the lessons and quotes some of our very own icons who have done it and teach us this these with quote-worthy, inspiring words of wisdom to live by.

If you dream of going into the fashion and designing industry, you need to have interest and be determined. You should love it with all your heart otherwise you will never make it because this industry is so stressful.‎ – Faith Kapende

In order to succeed in fashion, one has to take it seriously to understand the industry and satisfying the customers.‎ – Towani Clarke

Go for it, don’t give yourself the slightest chance to think twice about it because you will regret it. Once you on your fashion journey, be open minded, trust your creative instincts, think outside the box, learn and learn some more, listen, experience cultures and be inspired. I could go on, but most of all be you and stay true to yourself because it will help you discover who you are as a designer and what you want to say with and through your pieces.‎ – Kapasa Musonda

Stay in school. Inventing new clothes requires not only good ideas but also knowledge and skill in tailoring and knowing how to run a business”. –Christina Kabemba Syafunko‎

I don’t follow trends per se, I have always tried to be a trendsetter. I look at other peoples work, I look at whats‎ happening all over the world and from there I draw‎ inspiration from one or two places.‎ – Chiza Ngulube

Go for it, every designer is unique in their own way, so bring out your uniqueness in the fashion industry, do not be intimidated by a fellow designer’s work, only get inspired and motivated to work harder. Don’t wait for anyone to create opportunities for you, create your own, and make sure you invest in it for it to grow, cause from my experience, no one will sponsor you when you just coming up, so work hard to get noticed and worthy for people to sponsor. – Kasonde Nkole

Many people think being in the fashion industry is easy and glamorous. Mmmmm, it’s a lot of work, we have a lot of sleepless nights, almost no weekends/holidays, we have deadlines everyday, and we are constantly thinking of new ideas. It’s no place for a lazy person. – Mweene Kalipinde

How creative you are, is what will make you sell. Each and every day you have t think; what’s the next design were going to do?  We had a client from Poland; he reached out to us on Facebook. He needed two jackets but he was going back to Poland in two days. We made his two jackets. And when he came to fit and collect them, he turned the jacket inside-out. He was so surprised he asked us if we had made the jacket. That spoke to how unique our designs are, and that’s why we sell. – Marcus Makukula

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