Learn How To Navigate Life, Work and Business With These 25 Quotes

Here are life, career and business lessons, tips and advice put together in these 25 quotes of people who have been there and doing it.
1. “For me the biggest business lesson I have learnt so far is the strength of networking and collaboration. Without working with other people in the industry, things would have taken much longer to get off the ground.” – Mutoba Ngoma
2. “Having a working environment thats comfortable set me apart. I learnt how to manage my resources. I didn’t get excited when i made a bit of money.” – Misozi Mkandawire
3. “Don’t be afraid to fail or make mistakes. Pick yourself up and continue to focus on your goal but change “the how” (strategy). Then let your success speak for you. ” – Monica Musonda
4. “Being a female Dj can be challenging and difficult, as people will always see you as being female and can’t do anything, but you always have to be determined, hardworking, pursue your dreams and never give up” –Chanda Kangwa aka Dj Roxy
5. “Never take ‘No’ for an answer. I have refused to accept any ‘end of the road’ situation and, with support, worked the business out of many challenging situations.” – Sylvia Bwalya Mutale-Mwansa
6. “There is time to be generous and there is time to be serious.” – David Nama 
7. ‘’Have an instinct for growth’’ – Buumba Malambo
8. “Love yourself enough to be able to love your Neighbour. We only live once so make sure you write your story so creative that it will inspire the generations to come. The darkness you are experiencing right now shouldn’t bother you because you are the star your current situation needs, so shine bright.” – Jackson N’gambi Banda aka Jay Rox
9. “I like to be my own competition, running my own race. I have learnt this through my past time which is running, It is always fun when am running on my own and not looking at who is faster than me or who is closer to the finish line .This is what keeps me motivated, My finish line. I have learnt to dwell more on my strengths because dwelling or even thinking about my weaknesses is energy draining.” – Patience ‘Atience’ Chisanga
10. “Remember it is who you are that is important and not what they think you are, it all lies in your heart” –Mirriam Mukape aka Mampi
11. “You are the master of your own brand, you are the one who decides how people call and treat you.” – Dickson Jere
12. “Whatever your hustle is, your passion and attitude will determine how far you go.” – Trevor Mumba
13. “Never stop believing. Push and push harder. Even when doors close look for a window, or a crack in the wall. You are sufficient. You deserve it.” – Dr. Mumba Chalwe
14. “It is all about hard work and seizing opportunities. I believe in networking and making my presence known. Nothing has been handed to me, I work hard and I push and push for what I want.” – Lulu Haangala Wood
15. “Having the courage of your convictions is the difference between losing hope and achieving greatness.” -Linda Kasonde
16. “Marry someone who supports your vision.” – Kamiza Chikula
17. “Fake it till you make it. What if you don’t make it?. How about working at it until you make it.” – Norena Chiteba
18. “You need to have a strong character to obtain success. Character is key. Build it, nature it, develop it.” – Jito Kayumba
19. “To the youth out there stay away from unproductive people. Dream big; don’t let anyone tell you can’t dream big. Be sure to plan your activities well, work you plan and plan your work. And most importantly don’t be afraid to make mistakes”. – Moses Musiwa
20. “I have used bad times to build me. I have used them as lessons to help me move forward.” – Mwila Musonda aka Slapdee
21. “Do your best, be your best, be as selfless as you can be. The rest will follow.” – Natasha S. Kaoma
22. “There’s no such thing as perfect balance, you can’t be all things to everyone.” – Joanna Damalis
23. “You have to be passionate about something in order to do it properly. If you are not passionate about it and you see it as just a ‘nine-to-five’ job, just to get a salary, I don’t think you’ll do that well. To be very successful you have to be passionate about what you are doing, and not worried about whether its Monday or Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday. You need to really put all your effort into it and if you do that, you will do well. ” – Francis Grogan
24. “When you feel stuck or trapped in a situation, the best is to shake off the victim mentality.  Its never too late to get your spark back.”  – Karen Nakawala
25. “In life, if you want to be successful you need to be consistent and have passion for the things you want to achieve at the end of the day.” – Samba Yonga

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