Being In Media has always been my dream – Dj Roxy

Roxy is one of the most hardworking female Djs and presenters in the media sector in Zambia. She creates great opportunities for herself by working hard and being determined in her career, as people know her. She is also a skillful versatile talent and an intellectual thinker who can hold her own with any topic. “By the age of five I knew what I wanted to become, I always wanted to be a singer or journalist and that has been the driver of my career.”

“Being a female Dj can be challenging and difficult, as people will always see you as being female and can’t do anything, but you always have to be determined, hardworking, pursue your dreams and never give up”,Chanda Kangwa popularly known as Dj Roxy explains.

Her family wanted her to study marketing, but due to financial challenges she found herself studying mass communication at Zambia Institute of Mass Communication, which led her in her dream path. While at school, she did her intern at Muvi TV where she did much of production under the supervision of Mrs. Mutinta Chiseko, who really inspired her.

Upon completing her studies, Roxy got a job at Hot F.M where she used to present Planet Zed with Gary. She only had one show during the week which made her look for another job. She worked as a sales person at jewel of Africa during her free time. But one day she realized that selling was not her thing. She then quit selling and continued with presenting at Hot F.M, and she also managed to get more shows to present. She did not stay long with Hot F.M and later joined Phoenix F.M.

Because of her love of radio, Roxy’s blessings began to open where she was the co-host at Malawi’s Lake of Stars, which had a large audience and it’s one of the events that is recognized in southern Africa and parts of Europe. She also hosted the Zambia International Trade Fair this year.

Some of the radio projects she has worked on include Africa Connect Radio Tourism project for East Coast Radio Durban as well as Lunch with Airtel. “I have also had an opportunity to host the Hunters Refreschco and shows for Yarone FM of Botswana”.

Apart from being a Dj, Roxy is also a master of ceremony (MC), red carpet host which includes Proflight Fly Five, KwaHai video launch, Easter Phiri between the rings movie launch among others. She’s also into production and she’s the brand ambassador for Smart Plus, Afro Retro Fashion clothing, Flying Fish brand influencing at different activities and Fast Jet Airlines brand influencing in Tanzania.

Dj Roxy always hocks her listeners for her strong opinions, fizzy, humble and outspoken which makes her to be largely followed. She is passionate about her work and dedicated to her love for entertainment industry and its growth.


Away from work, Roxy loves sleeping and watching T.V and one of her favorite movie series is Grey of anatomy and Friends.

By: Tembo Josephine

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