Meet The Brand: Laka Wear

Laka Wear is a Business name as well as a Trade Mark in the clothing line. It was incorporated on 2nd February, 2016, and it is a Zambian owned business.
Laka Wear simply means Nice Wear. Laka is a slang word mostly used by youths to describe nice things, depending on the phrase, laka can mean any of the following;
Laka is
i.Nice (Laka Wear)
ii.Good (That’s laka)
iii.Pretty (That girl has a laka face)
iv.Beautiful (I have a laka wife)
v.Cool (I have laka friends)
Laka = Lekker in Afrikaans

1. What made you decide to go into the fashion business?

There were a lot of factors that led us to settle for this business but the prominent one was that we identified that despite this industry being overcrowded, there was so much potential to excel.

2. When not working on the Laka Wear label, what else do you do?

I am running the Laka Wear business with a friend (Jeff) and we are both in full time employment. Apart from working and attending to the Laka Wear business, we are always venturing into other business ideas because we believe in diversification.

3. What challenges do you face in the fashion industry and how do you deal with them?

The main challenge that we are facing now is meeting the overwhelming demand to service our customers. Laka Wear has attracted a lot of attention despite it being new on the market. Our resolve is to expand and control the production of our products and services, which we are tirelessly working at.

4. How do you want people to feel when the wear the Laka Wear brand?

Identity, we want to give our customers a sense of belonging, we feel the Zambian youth fashion industry needs a strong identity, something that any Zambian vibrant youth will be known by.

5.Where can people get access to the brand, is it in stores?

Currently we are not operating from any store as we are working on the distribution strategy. People can access our products by contacting us through our Laka Wear facebook page or contacting us directly on 0977701854 or 0977426041.

6. What kind of audience is your brand target at?  Is it for everyone.?

Our audience currently are the youths.

7. What does the future hold for Laka Wear brand and for you as a designer?

We intend to be an all-round indigenous designer of choice, servicing a wider audience from the young to the old.

8.Who is Francis and Jeff as individuals and as a creatives?

Jeff is a Hardworking , creative , diligent , dedicated and determined individual,
Francis is a fast learner who is eager to learn new skills and he is highly self-motivated, and good team player

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