We present Some Of The Zambian male Fashion Designers

When it comes to the fashion designing scene in Zambia, the first thing that comes to mind is information about female fashion designers. But there are also Zambian male fashion designers who are shaping and reshaping the face of the industry not just in making clothes for men but also for women too. We present to you some of the Zambian male fashion designers.

1. Chiza Ngulube

Chiza Ngulube is the designer and founder Esnoko which he started in 2004, he spent three years in the Zambia banking sector and deciding to follow his dreams into the world of fashion.

2. Mickley Banda

Mickley Banda is the designer and model trainer behind the brand Mickley, his passion for fashion drove him out of his law studies, Mickley started out as a model and moved into designing.

3. Marcus Makukula

Marcus Makukula is a fashion designer and founder of Marcus Wear.

4.Taonga Nyirongo

Taonga Nyirongo also known as Tio in the music world is designer behind Nivichi which translates to ‘What is this’ in Tumbuka.

5. Mark Mafuleka and Timothy Mwandila

Mark Mafuleka and Timothy Mwandila are fashion designers and tailors behind the Kumawa Apparel.

6. Martyn Mwiko

Martyn Mwiko is a fashion designer, stylist and the founder of Le Apple.

7. Kabaso Nkandu

 Kabaso Nkandu is the fashion designer behind Nkanda Yatu is which translates to “Our Skin” in chi Chewa.

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