The Importance Of Valuation

                                                                   -PRINCIPLE OF VALUATION-

In everything we do people must learn to value something that they have. The principle of valuation helps people to understand what belongs to them and be blessed because of their valuation. when parents have a new born baby, they value that child and the reason is very simple, it is because they know that God has blessed them and that child will bring blessings in their lives (the child will help them when they grow old).

God does not choose but He gives what every human being wants and if it takes long that does not mean He will not give you what you want. When you have something, it is important that you value it because what you have might just change your entire life, valuing something makes people to respect you and you become a leader because of valuation. Everyone in the world is capable of living their dreams but do they value what they have? God gives you what you want and adds more blessings to it because you value what you have been given. For instance, how do you feel when you give your child or brother a shirt and he does not look after it in a good way? It hurts. When someone is valuing something they do not keep it bad but they keep it well and it benefits them.

If you want to change your life, make the right decision and  value what belongs to you because not everyone has it, take a step and love what you have. Most people lose what they have because of not taking good care of it and to be a champion in life one needs to value either talent or just their job, make it happen because you are not to be poor. By keeping this value at the center of your life, you will be able to easily make decisions in the best interest of your family, your business and yourself. A happy family, a happy home and a happy work environment add up to a happy life.

“Values-based leaders are people who take time to think,values-based leaders should have a balanced perspective in the hope of achieving a global perspective. They should understand all sides of the story, seeking to understand before being understood. This will translate best if you understand yourself (self-reflection) and then the members of your team.

“Hard work and having a specific skill set is great.” However, valuation is the key to everyone’s achievement in this world because when you value something it will push you forward and become a better person and live an excellency life.

JOBS: In every area of your life learn to value something that will keep you from being poor and be supportive to your family. When a person is playful at a work of place that means they do not need that job, therefore it is important it is given to others who will appreciate and value because they will understand how important it is. Value what you have in your hands and learn to be creative in doing things so that you achieve your goals.

RELATIONSHIPS: Valuation should be considered everywhere, speaking of which we have been hearing of stories of men and women killing each other and this is because they do not value their relationships because they do we expect great news  but now so many relationships are down because of not considering valuation. IF only people would consider or perhaps understand the principle of valuation things would have been better and most youths would have been successful.

EDUCATION: It is known that education is the key to open the doors of success in this world and it is therefore important people value education as it changes the status and or a person in the society. Most people who go to school and do not value school they do not make it as they are expected to do and this is simply because of not understanding the principle of valuation.

TALENTS: A talent is a special ability to do something well or chosen by an individual.  It is so important that every talent is valued and appreciated because it helps even young people to become good and responsible leaders in their community in order to transform their community. The principle of valuation need to be understood so that things can be done in the manner that can assist the people with talents to be whom they would want to be in life. People needs to understand that to value something it is the most important thing that can be and most people that have succeeded in their lives valued what they had and now they are who they are because of the principle of valuation.

In conclusion, you have to value things that you have so that you do not lose everything,losing things that belonged because of not valuing is simple, it is important that value everything that you because God is the one who gave you and He will add more to it  and this can only happen if He sees how much potential and value you have added to it.

Article by: Kondwani Mbewe Ginah Mpando

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